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Behaviour management

​We believe that the behaviour of children is the joint responsibility of the parents, school staff and the children themselves.  Children are well-informed of school expectations regarding their behaviour.  We encourage the development of attitudes, actions and behaviours based on care, courtesy, consideration and co-operation.

Children are expected to accept ownership of and responsibility for their actions.  The school practises a consistent system of consequences for inappropriate behaviour with the guidelines to behaviour centred around the following rules:

  1. We display good manners at all times.

  2. We behave in a safe way in all activities.

  3. We respect our school environment.

The school has a social skills program in place.  This program is used as a focus for teaching children the right way to act in everyday situations.

Children who choose to breach school rules may be referred to the Thinking Room for twenty minutes lunch time detention.  Parents will receive written notification from the school on the day of the detention outlining brief details of the child’s inappropriate behaviour.  Parents are requested to discuss this issue with the child, sign the slip at the bottom of the letter and return to the office on the following day.