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Class times


Monday -Thursday ​ Friday
Bell (prepare for school​) 8:55am​
Learning Commence​s 9:00am​ Parade
1st Break (eating time)​ 11:00am​
1st Break (play time) 11:10am​
Bell (assemble near classrooms) 11:25am​
​Learning Recommences 1​1:30am​
2nd Break (eating time) 1:30pm​
​2nd Break (play time) 1:40pm​ ​​
Bell (assemble near classrooms) 2​:05pm​
​Learning Recommences​
School Day Ends 3:00pm​ ​​


  • Every Friday morning at 9:00am
  • Parents and visitors are welcome to attend and share in the celebrations of student success and achievement. 
  • Parades are the major communication link between students and the Administration of the school.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Attendance | Absenteeism

  • Schooling is compulsory in Queensland
  • Children must attend  school every day unless there is a reasonable excuse. 
  • Illness, medical and dental appointments are valid excuses for absenteeism.
  • Notes are required from parents of children who are absent from school. 
  • Parents may contact the office in cases of extended or emergency absenteeism. 
  • Contact the school administration regarding absences which exceed 10 days or more, regardless of the reasons. In this situation an application for exemption needs to be completed and approved by the Principal.
  • Children are not to leave the school grounds during school hours without the permission of the Principal. 
  • Parents wishing to collect a child prior to 3:00pm must call at the office to sign the child out.

Late to school

  • ​Any child arriving at school after 9:00am must be accompanied by an adult and report to the office for a late slip. 
  • After collection of the late Slip, the adult is expected to escort the child to the class teacher and present the late slip. 
  • Please note that students who arrive after 9:30am or are signed out before 2:30pm will accrue a half day absence.​