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Teaching and learning

As your child’s first teacher you have a key role in the literacy and numeracy development of your child.

Parent Ready Reader Program explores:

  •  ​The wide range of literacy experiences that happen daily and how these can provide opportunities for learning in natural and exciting ways
  • The knowledge that effective readers use and ways to engage your child with reading.


​Teachers at our school set homework in accordance with our Homework Policy.

  • The type of homework may vary from time to time and may not always be written.
  • Be assured that teachers carefully consider the amount and content of homework tasks.
  • We understand that some children may experience genuine difficulty with homework. 
  • Help if possible, but if frustration becomes evident, the most appropriate action is to contact the teacher concerned in an attemp to resolve matters.
  • Please show an interest in your child's home studies and in other work he/she does at school. 
  • Talk about school work and encourage efforts made. 
  • Your participation is of great importance and will certainly help to develop positive and confident study habits and attitudes. 
  • Parents are requested to engage their children in reading each night.
  • If you do not wish your child to participate in written homework you may seek an exemption form your child's teacher.